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January 2012

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Impunity Watch Launches First Online Law Journal App

Learning about international unrest and human rights violations is now available through a smartphone. Impunity Watch, the first global blog to monitor instances of impunity, has launched its first official mobile application in the Apple Store and Android Marketplace, available January 25. Impunity Watch is managed by Syracuse University College of Law student reporters who constantly monitor human rights news around the world.

"The app allows users to read news from all over the world," says Laura E. Hirahara, a third-year law student and technical director for Impunity Watch. "As the first law journal app, it allows readers to interact with the website and receive instant updates on human rights issues on their phone."

Founded by Syracuse University College of Law Professor David M. Crane L'80, the former chief prosecutor of the Special Court to Sierra Leone, Impunity Watch's exclusive online format offers readers an uncensored online dialogue that sorts issues of impunity by global regions and a separate area that allows posting of academic or formal papers on the issues of impunity.

The app is for both iPhones and Android smartphones. For more information, visit Impunity Watch at http://www.impunitywatch.com or follow the blog on Twitter @ImpuniTweet and Facebook.

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